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Life presents us with a series of financial challenges. Some can be planned for – like a wedding or retirement – while others come when we least expect it.

That’s why financial planning is so important. It means you will always feel prepared for the changes ahead while putting you in the best position to achieve your long and short-term goals!

The diagram below shows our ages along the bottom and stages of life across the top. The red line represents our income – starting low and increasing through career peaks before reducing again in retirement – and the lines going across the grid highlight potential areas of need for financial advice.

No matter what your age or life stage, getting financial advice from an adviser you trust is key to your family legacy and personal success.

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Our Service is broken into 2 sections depending if you are taking out a new product, needing to speak to an adviser which has pension and investment knowledge or if you need general advice.

OPTION 1 – Specific Product:

  • Mortgages – we cover them all. Remortgage, home movers and investments with Whole of Market advice provided.
  • Insurances – Life insurance, income protection and critical illness
  • Pensions – Reviewing existing to setting up new ones.
  • Investments – Lump sum investments, inheritance and existing portfolios
  • Wills – Single or Mirror Wills and Trust work where required.


OPTION 2  - Lifestyle Financial and Money Coaching - (Money Mentor and Lifestyle Financial Coaching)

Like many people you are needing more than just a mortgage or investment product, you’ve looked for a financial adviser as you want to really get efficient and affective with your finances. Is this you? You are earning well but feel like you are wasting money with over spending in your business or personal life. You have little or no structure to your finances and you know you need to take action but don’t know where to start. You do know what you want to be in a position to invest – in yourself, in revenue creating opportunities, in property or in wealth structures like stocks and shares.


There are many kinds of money coaches out there, not many are qualified financial advisers – why? Because they, as we/I do, give regulated product advice and aren't needing to step into working with clients on areas of financial advice which aren’t directly related to that. I do, because I love to see the transformation and change it can have on people. Every time I see it make the biggest difference.


What is mentoring – this is where someone has the experience and knowledge to show you the right way. What is coaching – coaching will get you thinking about why and how you do and feel the way you do about something and you to take inspired action to make change. We can do both!! Which makes is a really special process all done in a very bespoke way to your personal circumstances. Nothing ‘one size fits all’ process about it…

OPTION 1 - Specific Product Required Only

What is the process? The first meeting will be spent getting to know you, your current financial and personal circumstances as well as your financial aims and objectives over the next few years and long-term. Your advisor will take all the relevant information from you and some paperwork if necessary.  They will then search the market for the most suitable financial products for you and your family in order to set you on the right track to fulfil all your goals and ambitions. They will prepare a report explaining all their recommendations. If you agree, they will then put the wheels in motion in order to set your financial plans up on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

  • New Pension or Investment for £50,000 or less and a monthly contribution - set fee along with ISA and Pension £1200 including cash projections (on going management fees apply*)
  • Reviewing existing pensions or investments - £125 for collecting full provider information. For more than 2 Pensions/Investments to review charge increased to £250 – this is an administration fee. For any recommendation implemented a charge of 1.5%-2% (based on investment levels) is applied.
  • New Investment or Pension – lump sum over £50,000 for any recommendation implemented a charge of 1.5%-2% (based on investment levels) is applied.
  • Insurance – no initial costs but any commission lost because of early cancellation will be invoiced to the client
  • Mortgages or review existing mortgage - £199 on application, this is after the research and quote provided and £199 on offer from the mortgage provider, this is after an application has been submitted and underwriting completed.
  • Wills – From** £98 single and £168 couple

**meaning a simple Will without too much complexity) *Ongoing management fees for investments/pension – This is where an IFA would support the client with a review of their financial position every year and review the plan set up. This charge can be taken from the plan itself or it can be paid by the client directly. This fee is charged between 0.50%-1% of the investment amount.

OPTION 2 - Lifestyle Financial and Money Coaching

Our 'Kick Start' 121 Coaching/Mentoring with Director and IFA Rebecca Robertson.

This is very bespoke to you, every client is so different. Rebecca will take you through the full process of money management, financial wellbeing and ensure that at the end of the process you have a super structure process and we hope, a stronger mindset towards your money.

3-4 months months package: 2hr Face to Face in our London/Kent Office or online following up with 3 online 121 - 1 hr sessions. £1,500 total investment (up front £450 the rest can be split monthly at £350 per month)







Our ‘Kick Start’ Group coaching/mentoring with Director and IFA Rebecca Robertson

Maximum of 6 individuals working together to share ideas, network and keep each other accountability with a structured learning with key outcomes and goals achieved in mind.


2 hours every 3 weeks for 12 weeks.
Costing £995 payment £248.75 per month over 4 months, payment in advance.

At Evolution Financial Planning, we believe that everyone should have access to financial advice, therefore, we don’t have minimum case sizes, for example, minimum mortgage amounts or minimum investment pots.

We also believe it is very important that our clients feel we're being transparent and open, therefore we have put this information together to help you understand what we can offer and how much it might cost.

If you have any questions regarding our charging structure or how we might be able to help, contact us today or book a discovery call to find out how we can help you.

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